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Today, women control over 51% of the nation’s personal wealth. Why, then, do we feel unprepared to make important financial decisions?

Fewer than 2 in 10 women feel “very prepared” to make wise financial decisions.

Half report that they “need some help,” and 1 in 3 feels that they “need a lot of help.” when it comes to wealth management. (Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women 2010-2011 Prudential Research Study)

On average, women tend to be more conservative investors than their male counterparts.

  • Women live an average of 5 years longer than men, but they earn less and typically have less retirement money saved.
  • In the year following a divorce, women experience a 45 percent drop in their standard of living, while a man’s rises by 16 percent.
  • 55 years old is the average age of widowhood. (US Census Bureau)
  • Women are called on more frequently than men to help manage the affairs of their children and aging parents, which can be both financially and emotionally challenging.
  • Despite some significant strides, many women are still not the primary managers of their finances. Many times, women support their family’s goals without identifying what is most important to them.

Despite the troubling picture that these statistics paint, women–like men– unfortunately don’t often seek assistance from financial professionals to help them achieve their goals. Turning Tides Financial LLC will help you work towards your goals for your financial future in the wake of major life changes, such as divorce and retirement. Instead of gambling with your future, learn how to successfully manage your money and prosper!

Women & Investing Management Plans | Turning Tides Financial

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