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Women & Divorce

Am I going to be Ok?

Divorce is STRESSFUL…Especially Financially! As Certified Divorce Financial Analysts we will guide and educate you through the process to help you avoid financially costly mistakes. Check out our Second Saturday’s Divorce Workshop.

Don’t let an Emotional Crisis become a Financial Crisis.

You Need A Plan

Preparing for Divorce
Do you have a Plan
Gathering Information
Retaining an Attorney
Legal Forms

Legal Forms/Pension Valuations
Attorney assigned documents

Understanding What You Have
Pension Valuations
You didn’t handle the finances, what do you need to provide

Financial Negotiations
Spousal Support
Who keeps the House
Retirement, Pensions, Tax Impact
Who keeps the House
Division of Debt
College expenses
Health Care
(just to name a few!)

Dividing Assets
Negotiate for what YOU want, not what they “say” you can have

Finding Hidden Assets
What does all this mean
Tax return review

Allocating Debt
What to Pay or Not to Pay
During this process

What about the House
Can I afford to keep it
How do I get it in my name only
What will it cost me?

He/She said “You can’t have that
Just because they said it,
Doesn’t make it so!

Financial Survival
Before, During & After
Credit, Debt, Budgets

Identify mistakes before you make them
Don’t accept an unfair settlement out of fear, guilt OR exhaustion!

Retirement/Investment Management

Managing Your Money

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Making Financial decisions can be STRESSFUL! As Financial Advisors we have the experience and knowledge to guide and educate you to avoid financially costly mistakes. We will help you build a financial plan that best suites you and your family’s goals.

Let us help you Know Your Money ~ So we can help you Grow Your Money!

Take Control Of Your Finances

Retirement Strategies

Understanding Your $

Investment Management

Insurance Solutions

Managing Debt

Customized Financial Plan

Identify costly mistakes before you make them

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Turning Tides Financial, LLC and LPL Financial do not offer legal advice. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.

Divorce is never easy but you don’t need to walk this road alone. Turning Tides Financial is proud to be a part of the Second Saturday Divorce workshop, a program designed to give you full access to legal, financial and emotional professionals. Visit secondsaturday.com to learn more.

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“More than most years, it’s hard to look ahead to the next year, to 2021, without looking back at 2020. A global pandemic, a massive economic collapse, a bear market, a surprisingly sharp reversal, a hotly contested election where passions ran high, the impact of lockdowns—it was an unusual year of extraordinary challenges. In 2021 it’s time to restart the engines, but things are going to look different, feel different. 2020 has changed us, the way we do business, the way we connect. It’s also shown us our constants, what works for us, and what we hold on to.

In 2021 we restart the engine, but we’re not driving toward the same world we left behind in 2019. It’s not even our destination. There has been damage to areas of the economy that may never fully recover, but there are other areas that will adapt, reinvent themselves, and help reinvigorate growth. In LPL’s Outlook 2021: Powering Forward, we’ll talk about stocks and bonds, the economy, and the post-election policy environment, but in the background will be new challenges, new opportunities, and new ways of doing things.” 

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